The Ortholog Database

OrtholugeDB contains Ortholuge-based orthology predictions for completely sequenced bacterial and archaeal genomes. The Ortholuge method improves the specificity of high-throughput orthology prediction. More Information.

OrtholugeDB also contains reciprocal best hit-based ortholog predictions, in-paralog predictions (recently duplicated genes) and proposed ortholog groups.

See some example analyses.

Current Version

Release 2.1

Compare orthologs in multiple genomes

Take one index (reference) genome and look for presence/absence of orthologs in one or more comparison strains.

Obtain orthologs between two genomes

Includes optional analysis to return genes unique to one of the two genomes.
Show local gene context for orthologs.

Obtain orthologs for a single gene

Provide a gene ID or name and retrieve a list of orthologs. You have the option to filter the list of queried strains.